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Yrkingar eftir Steinbjørn og Tórodd í Ice Floe II

Kunning: Yrkingar eftir Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen og Tórodd Poulsen standa í antologiini Ice Floe II: International Poetry of the Far North.
Yrkingarnar hevur Randi Ward (mynd) týtt til enskt. Tær eru: 7 úrvalsbrot úr bókini Lív
(1981) eftir Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen og Stormurin” eftir Tórodd Poulsen úr bókini Útsýni (2009)
University of Alaska Press hevur útgivið savnið:

By Carla Browning, Marketing and Communications on August 12, 2011

The University of Alaska Press has released Ice Floe II: International Poetry of the Far North, edited by Shannon Gramse and Sarah Kirk. The book will be distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

The long-awaited second volume of the newly revived Ice Floe series, Ice Floe II features new and exciting works of poetry from a vibrant and diverse group of writers from Alaska, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Iceland and beyond. All work is presented here in both its original language and in English translation. With contributors that include former Alaska poet laureate Tom Sexton, Riina Katajavuori, Yuri Vaella, Gunnar Randversson, and dozens of other established and emerging poets, this wonderful collection of voices from the northern latitudes will be a great read for all lovers of poetry and international literature.

Shannon Gramse is a poet and cofounder of Ice Floe. Sarah Kirk is a lifelong Alaskan and cofounder of Ice Floe. They both teach English at the University of Alaska Anchorage.